About Me

Anish Singh Thakur is an entrepreneur who started his career early at the age of 19. He worked in a lot of marketing companies as a field agent & then started his own company, made it a success, became a motivational speaker & a corporate trainer. Due to lack of experience he failed as an entrepreneur & was forced to do odd jobs again, still learning persistently he again created his empire & is running a successful business today. Anish got keenly interested in Trading & started learning ins & out when he came across the Indian Stock Market. Having no knowledge about it he started taking coaching from PTA (Professional Traders Academy) in New Delhi & started Trading, after that he did a lot of online courses & attended seminars. He then made mistakes, ignored basics, did overtrading, ignored stop loss, became arrogant, ignored risk management & took few calls/tips from random marketers to make easy money & blew his account & lost all the capital 2-3 times due to inexperience, still without being discouraged he continuously learned & rectified mistakes. He then attended the 2019 Finbridge Mumbai Session & found his Respected Mentor Raja Venkatraman sir & took mentorship from them & did RMM(RealTime Market Mastery) course & realized all he was doing till date was random gambling without any trading plan & strategy. He improved his ability to take trades drastically after that & is learning continues to become a better trader every day. Having the core ability to be an excellent trainer with Technical knowledge of the subject, Anish can help you save a lot of money you will have to pay to the market itself by making losses. So get in touch with our team for the consultation. Thank you

  • Founded Technobizz Marketing Solutions Ltd. in 2009, a company having the strength of 18,000 Sales Distributors.
  • Invited as Chief Guest on Engineers Day 2012 at Bhilai Club, Durg.
  • Invited as a Judge in Business Plan Competition held in BIT College Fest 2014, Durg.
  • Co-founded Technofolio in 2015, a company selling websites at most affordable prices & got an award from Chhattisgarh Government for the concept.
  • Co-founded AstrologyVed in 2017, a company working on Astro services in the United Kingdom.
  • Co-founded Veggie India in 2018 in Delhi NCR, later taken over by MilkBasket- one of the biggest names in the door to door grocery delivery.
  • Completed RMM (RealTime Market Mastery) in May 2019 from ChartAdvise Mumbai & got trained by Stock Market veteran Dr. CK Narayn himself & Raja Venkatraman sir.
  • Invited officially as an accredited Investor in Investors Meet held in New Delhi organized by Kotak Securities
My Objective

I want to bring a revolution in stock market learning by educating youth on what is right and what is wrong.

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