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Booming Bulls Academy
Become a Profitable Intraday Trader by Learning all 4 Quadrants of the Stock Market.

In just 45 days from India’s Best Trainer Mr. Anish Singh Thakur.
Join Over  2 Million Traders on Their Journey to Financial Freedom.

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Booming Bulls Academy
Booming Bulls Academy

Why This Course?

The “Elite Trader Live Mentorship Program” offered by Booming Bulls Academy serves as an advanced and intensive extension of the educational content provided on our YouTube channel. While our YouTube content lays the foundation by introducing trading concepts, market analysis, and basic strategies, the Elite Trader Live Mentorship Program dives much deeper into these subjects, offering a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.
This mentorship program is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. It provides participants with:
  • An in-depth understanding of the markets 
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • Detailed technical analysis
Booming Bulls Academy
The program is structured to offer live sessions where traders get direct mentorship from Stock market expert, Anish Singh Thakur. This ensures that students not only learn advanced concepts but also how to apply these strategies in real-time market scenarios.
Course Features

Exclusive Content

3 Months trading support and hands on experience in market

Tailored Advice on Trading

and a lot more . . . .

Course Highlights

Designed meticulously by seasoned professionals, our program is tailored to transform new traders into profitable traders and take seasoned traders to the top of their trading careers. Below are the key highlights of our comprehensive course that set it apart and ensure it is an unparalleled investment in your trading future.

In this course you will get to learn about the following topics:
Introduction to the Stock Market
Stock Market Basics
NSE Website Overview
Fundamental Analysis Basics
Technical Analysis Basics
Demat Account Explained
Types of Traders & Trading Styles
Introduction to the Stock Market
Explanation of Candlesticks
Candlestick Patterns
Candlestick Patterns Advanced
Wick VS Body
Importance of Candle Closing - 15 minutes Candle vs 5 minutes Candle
Price Action Basics
Support & Resistance - Market Structure
Types Of Trends
Horizontal & Trendlines
Breakouts | Reversals | Retests
Multiple Time frame Analysis - Stock Selection Process
Price Action Basics
Price Action Advanced
Intraday Trading Super-Setups
Swing Trading Super Setups
Nifty & Bank-Nifty Trading Super Setups
Gap Theory
Bull & Bear Trap
Long Term Trading Strategies - Multiple Entry & Exit Strategies
Price Action Advanced
Technical Indicators
Pivot Points
Moving Averages - ADX
Technical Indicators
Advanced Topics
Forex Intraday Strategy
Advanced Topics
Risk Management
Trading System
Trading Plan
Trader's Journaling
Risk Management


Booming Bulls Academy
4 YEARS of teaching experience.
2 MILLION+ YouTube Family.

32,000+ STUDENTS have learnt trading with us.

12 HYBRID CENTERS Established across India.
Frequently Asked Questions

The learning period through live classes will run for approximately a month or more, depending on whether you choose weekday or weekend classes. Both batches will have the same number of training hours. After the initial learning phase, you will move on to revising and applying your knowledge through subsequent batches, assignments, homework, online support, exams, and more.

Ofcourse! All our trading strategies are purely based on Price Action.

You will have the opportunity to revise live classes up to 3 times within the following week and attend revision classes of the following batches up to 90 days.

In this Community, we share analysis of stocks, indices & forex which will give you a heads up on what you can trade the next day. All these analyses are approved by Anish Singh Thakur. This group is strictly not for any kind of trading signals & we do not entertain any such practices.

No. We are not involved in such practices and we advice that you never expect it from us at any point of your course duration or afterwards. Our only goal here is to provide training so that you do not have to depend on others for signals and you become an independent successful trader.

Student’s Performances

Parashuram Rathod

Simple way to explain with examples by Anish Sir. One of the best trading academy in India. From basic to advance level like money management and life management its like i am going to change my life with this academy and my trainer Mr. anish. Thank you

Saroj Nayak

Booming Bulls is a perfect platform to learn stock market trading and investment for Beginners and experience to improve your stock market journey smoothly. The perfect course has designed to become profitable trader. Mainly I loved this course because of only one reason that is Risk management. Which is mind blowing. And special thanks to our mentor Anish Sir.

Bharti Gajmoti

Anish sir is a best mentor,his teaching skills is very good, simple and logical always, I'm very happy to learn with booming bulls academy.

Meet Anish Singh Thakur: The Architect of Trading Excellence

Discover the visionary behind Booming Bulls Academy, Anish Singh Thakur. A maestro in the realm of trading, Anish has not only mastered the complexities of the stock market but has also simplified these intricacies for traders at every level. His approach combines practical, battle-tested strategies with an accessible teaching style, ensuring that the art of trading is understandable and achievable for all.

Renowned Industry Expert: Anish’s profound insights and innovative strategies have been featured across prestigious media outlets including the Times of India, Hindustan Times, and Economic Times. His voice stands as a beacon of authority and reliability in the stock market domain.

Award-Winning Educator: Anish’s dedication to stock market education has been recognized with the esteemed “Millennium Brilliance Award” for the best trainer in the stock market industry. This accolade is a testament to his unmatched skill in nurturing successful traders.

Pioneer of Booming Bulls Academy: Under his leadership, Booming Bulls Academy has emerged as India’s premier stock market training institute. It proudly received the title of “Most Trusted Stock Market Learning Platform in India” at the Atal Achievement Awards in 2022, reflecting its commitment to excellence and trust in the trading community.

Impacting Lives Through Education: With a legacy of training over 32,000 students, Anish’s teachings have empowered a new generation of traders. His students’ success stories are a living testament to the effectiveness and impact of his methods.

Beyond the Classroom: Anish’s influence extends beyond traditional education. He’s a thought leader and a sought-after speaker at national and international trading conferences, sharing his insights and inspiring traders worldwide.

Continuous Innovation: Always at the forefront of trading education, Anish constantly updates his courses with the latest market trends, tools, and technologies. This dedication ensures that his students are well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving financial markets.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Icon of the Year” for innovation in stock market education at the Global Leadership Awards.
  • Featured Speaker at the International Trading Summit, where he shared the stage with other global trading luminaries.
  • Millennium Brilliance Award” for the best trainer in the stock market industry
Anish Singh Thakur is more than just an educator; he’s a catalyst for change in the stock market training industry. His vision for Booming Bulls Academy goes beyond teaching; it’s about creating a legacy of empowered, knowledgeable, and successful traders.
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