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A stock market is a gathering of buyers and sellers of stocks in a single platform. Before BOLT was introduced in 1995, people used to trade standing in the trading ring. Nowadays, all trading happens in computer terminals at the broker’s office or on the internet. Share market and stock market is one and the same thing.

Any person who is competent to enter into a contract can buy and sell shares in the market. You need to open a trading account with a broker and you can buy and sell shares in the stock market after the trading account is opened?

There is an important difference between the two. Trading account is where you execute your buy and sell trades. The demat account is where your shares are held in custody. When you buy shares in your trading account, your bank account gets debited and your demat account get credited. The reverse is true when you sell shares.

The fundamental difference is that trading refers to short term buying and selling of shares whereas investment refers to long term buying of shares. A trader normally tries to churn the money rapidly whereas the investor tries to buy a good stock in the sharemarket and waits for the stock price to appreciate.

Some Important F.A.Q’s

6 Months. You will have 16 theory classes for Weekday Batch and 8 theory classes for Weekend Batch. (It will be done in a period of 4-5 weeks). Both batches will have same number of training hours. After you complete your theory classes, you will have doubt clearing sessions and also other special sessions regularly.

Kindly send a screenshot of your payment confirmation & your email address & phone number used while making payment.
A client manager will be assigned to help you in every aspect of you journey with us. You can also always call us on 8130245100 & mail us at [email protected]

The online training fee is only ₹23,541 (INCLUDING GST)

Through our new model you can attend our regular 3 online classes of the weekday batch or 2 online classes of the weekend batch by paying just ₹3,000. Later you can pay the remaining ₹20541. In case, if you wish to discontinue, the ₹3,000 will be refunded without any questions asked.

Mostly Hindi language with terminology in English. You can watch our YouTube uploads to have a better understanding.

Yes, we have designed the mentorship program in such a way that it takes you from very basics to advanced levels in a very simple and clear language that even a school child can learn with no prior financial knowledge, so that you won’t feel left out.

Online classes are conducted through Zoom application in which trainer’s laptop screen will be visible to you for charts. iPad screen will be visible to you as a white board & trainer will explain everything to you live. It is as good as the offline classes & we are talking from experience.

Yes, our Trading Plan is useful for those who are already trading and want to restart trading to recover losses and become consistently profitable.

Yes, we have a few strategies that are purely based on Price Action.

Our strategies are 75-80% accurate.

The trainer has rich experience in stock market trading. Having learnt from veterans in the field of stockmarket, he has adopted a practical approach with his own solid strategies using which anyone can make money consistently from trading. You can find out more about him on Instagram @anishsinghthakur and on his website www.anishsinghthakur.com, where you can see reviews from his pasts students and his consistent winning profitable trades.

Yes, it is risky for those who trade without any proper training and knowledge.

You can start trading once you reach 4th week of the theory classes.

Our recommended starting amount is ₹10,000 and gradually after some trading experience you can increase the trading capital to ₹25,000 – ₹1 Lakh.

Don’t worry, It’s a simple online process. We will help you out with everything when you join our mentorship program.

Yes, you will be given access to our WhatsApp group & Facebook premium group.

You must be 21 years old or above to join.

No. We are not involved in such practices and we advice that you never expect it from us at any point of your course duration or afterwards.
Our only goal here is to provide training so that you do not have to depend on others for signals and you become an independant successful trader.

Mostly Hindi language with terminology in English. You can watch our YouTube uploads to have a better understanding.

We strongly advise that you attend all our live classes using a laptop/desktop computer because it will be difficult for you to understand everything on a small mobile screen.

No recordings will be shared for the first 3 classes even if you miss it.

In this group, students share their trade plans for the next day with proper logic & charts attached which gives you a heads up & you can further analyze it to your own advantage and plan accordingly. All the posts are approved by Anish Singh Thakur himself and even he shares trade ideas regularly which you can further analyze and plan accordingly. This group is strictly not for any kind of trading signals & we do not approve of such practices.

All the information such as Pre-Open markets, Banned F&O stocks for the day or any other stock market related news is updated in the WhatsApp group at the earliest so that you will never have to look at the endless stock market news websites constantly to stay updated.

You and every other student will be given time to ask your doubts in every class after your trainer finish explaining a topic. You can always note it down while he is teaching so that the class is not interrupted for everyone else attending. All your doubts related to the topic discussed will be cleared for sure.

Content is same for both. You can join in whichever is more comfortable for you to attend.

You must be 21 years old or above to join.

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