Top 3 Trading Books That Every Trader Should Read | Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market | Module 33

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Top 3 Trading Books That Every Trader Should Read | Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market | Module 33

Top 3 Trading Books that every trader should read | Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market | Module 33


Books are important resources of knowledge as you can get immense information from them about any topic. Especially in trading, where learning is considered fuel to your success, you need to learn continuously to become a better trader day by day.

If you read different books about trading regularly, then I am sure that you will see a huge breakthrough in your trading and also you will get to learn from others’ experiences. So by keeping all these advantages in mind, In today’s article, I am going to tell you 3 books that every trader must read in order to improve trading.


Book 1- “New Trader Rich Trader”

This is a must read book for all the traders. This book mainly focuses on trading psychology and the mistakes that new traders commit when they enter the market.

In this book, there are two traders, one is experienced & rich, and the other is a new trader who takes guidance from the new trader and learns a lot from his experience. One of the most powerful keynotes of this book (New Trader Rich Trader) is –“New Traders are greedy and have unrealistic expectations; Rich Traders are realistic about their returns.”

   New traders always look to double or triple their money within a very short period of time, but rich traders always aim for realistic expectations. In my opinion, this book can be a good start to learning about trading psychology. The author has wonderfully explained all the fundamentals of trading through the conversation of the rich trader and new trader.

Through this book, you will get to know that, all though time has changed, human psychology does not change with time; humans are making the same psychological mistakes in the market as they were making 100 years back then.

This book mainly focuses on 3 fundamentals of trading which are- psychology, risk management, and methodology. At the end of this book, the author also gives other references to good books about trading.


 Book 2 – “Trading In The Zone”

This is one of the best-selling books when it comes to trading. This book mainly focuses on the mindset of a successful trader. In trading, mindset is very important; without a proper mindset, you can not become a profitable trader even if you get the best trading strategy in this world.

This book also talks about the mental barrier a trader has to overcome, and new beliefs a trader has to make to perform effectively in the market. In addition to this, the author also explains trading wins and losses from a probabilistic point of view.

One of the best quotes from this book about the random distribution of trades is –

“The hard, cold reality of trading is that every trade has an uncertain outcome.”

Mark Douglas, Trading in the Zone

So, if you want to understand how probability plays out over a long period of time in trading, then this book may be a good read for you.


Book 3 – “The Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”

This book represents the story of great trader Mr Jesse Livermore who made millions from the stock market and then lost it all, and again, he was able to make that money back.

Throughout his exciting journey, he developed some principles of trading, and those principles are wonderfully explained in this book. I have made a video on the story of great trader Mr Jesse Livermore on my YouTube channel, where I have explained everything about his trading strategies and his trading journey. To check out that video, you can click here.

This book neatly explains the life of the trader, different common mistakes committed by the trader, and the most common principles you need to follow to become a successful trader. There is a famous quote in this book that tells us about the importance of learning, and that is-


 “There is nothing like losing all you have in the world for teaching you what not to do. And when you know what not to do in order not to lose money, you begin to learn what to do in order to win. Did you get that? You begin to learn!”

Edwin Lefèvre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


So, these are the top 3 best-selling books every trader must read in order to learn from other traders’ experiences. To buy these books, you can click here. If you go through these books and make notes, I am sure that you will see a huge improvement in your trading.

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Happy Learning!

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  1. Out of 3 first 2 i have read already last obe is remaining and tge first 2 was really very helpful for me they gives me a lot i would like to read 3rd one also thank you sir for your such guidance.

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