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Second Batch Certification | Booming Bulls

Today, after following through the path shown to the students and them following it correctly in the same manner as taught, Booming Bulls Academy has certified some students from the previous batches and their certificates have been distributed to them. Elite Professional Trader

On 26th May 2020, Booming Bulls Academy successfully has certified few students from the previous batches. They have proven themselves that they are ready to invest and trade on their wit. They went through all the procedures that Booming Bulls Academy requires a student to follow before they are considered to be a trader. These trainees were disciplined and maintained their trade to profits consistently and got their trading journal updated as a trader is required.

Booming Bulls Academy

has gained a position in the list of Institutes providing the Stock market Online Course. We aim to make complete traders hence we constantly monitored the performance and any issue faced by our students and make sure that they were resolved though the doubt sessions and one on one session with the trainer Anish Singh Thakur.

These students will make Booming Bulls Academy, one of the best stock market institutes in India, and will earn the respect of high profile investors in their life. Trading successfully is an art where you require various skills, from understanding the market, analysis of shares, and maintaining the psychology of a trader. These are the forms that these students have completely achieved and are trading on their own without any help from the trainer. It brings us immense pleasure to provide the certification to these students. 

These students were strictly kept constant towards their trading routine and the record of their trading routine was mentioned in their journal as they were asked to update regularly about their day and the trading they have done. They were required to send the screenshots of their trading day. In case if they were not able to trade on someday they were required to let us know the reason so that it could be mentioned in the trading journal.

They took the classes constantly and was asked about the doubts about the class. If there were any doubts, it was cleared out by the trainer and would even try to give one on one session over the doubt to the student in case if their doubt was not cleared. Students in Booming Bulls Academy are required to trade from their own accounts regardless of the profit and loss for the first time. If they face any difficulty or if they are stuck at any trade, they are provided proper assistance by the trainer or the experts in the industry to let them know how to tackle or handle a situation that they think is worst. 

We proudly certify

These students and announce them as “Professional Traders from now on. They will use their wits, techniques, and intelligence to invest and trade like an expert and would help themselves to grow vastly and bring joy to the people around them. Elite Professional Trader

Booming Bulls

Booming Bulls

Booming Bulls

Booming Bulls, Elite Professional Trader

Elite Professional Trader

Elite Professional Trader

Elite Professional Trader

Booming Bulls Academy

Booming Bulls AcademyBooming Bulls Academy



  1. Happy evening sir,
    I’m Krishna, I saw a video of how to setup 6screens for trading.
    It was amazing experience, what are the courses, softwares and sites needs to be use for trade and analysis ?.
    I’ve zero knowledge about Stock Market, I want to learn it. Can it be thought practically?

  2. It was a great experience to learn about markets in a simple way. Anish sir taught really well. I am personally getting an edge in my career. Great to have mentor for my market career!??

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