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Top 3 lessons you must take from the book ‘New Trader Rich Trader’

New Trader Rich Trader is one of the best books I have ever read about trading. I often write about Trading Strategies, Risk Management & Trading Psychology, but today we

Long Straddle & Short Straddle- Option Trading Strategies | Beginner’s Guide to The stock market | Module 24

Long Straddle & Short Straddle are probably the most straightforward option trading strategies to use. In the Beginner’s Guide to the stock market series, we have seen the basics of

What Is Pledging & Get Its Benefit In Only 2 Steps

Pledging your portfolio can be really helpful to you, especially when you have limited trading capital. A lot of people have equity or mutual fund investments in their accounts. Still,

Introduction To Derivatives Market: What Are Options, And How Do They Work? | Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market | Module 23

What are Options? This is probably the most asked question to me. In the previous blog of this series, we have covered what futures are and how they work. Now,

Top 3 Ways To Exit Trades Sensibly

In order to exit trades sensibly, there are some factors you should take into account. In trading, your exits matter the most rather than your entries, and hence you should

Introduction to Derivatives Market-What are Futures and How do they work? | Beginner’s Guide to The Stock Market | Module 22

The derivative market is probably the most interesting topic in this Beginner’s Guide series. The derivatives market is also called the FnO market. As the name suggests, the value of

Top 3 Money Management Hacks No One Will Tell You About

Money management decides the trader’s profitability, and that is why every successful trader is a good money manager first. Money management is the most crucial aspect of trading, yet it

How Can Unrealistic Expectations Harm Trading Account?

In today’s blog, we are going to see how unrealistic expectations harm trading account. As humans, we keep a lot of unrealistic expectations from different things, whether it be relationships,

How to Know Your Trading Style | Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market | Module 21

In today’s article, we are going to find out the most suitable trading style for you. When you start trading, there are many trading styles available for you that you

Stochastic Indicator: How it Works and How You Can Use it | Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market | Module 20

Stochastic Indicator is one of the most useful indicators in Technical Analysis. A Stochastic Indicator is used to check the momentum of the particular stock. It is an oscillator that

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