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First Batch Certification | Booming Bulls

First Batch Certification | Booming Bulls


On 12th April 2020, after a  great and knowledgeable journey of , online classes, doubt clearing sessions, 1’o’1 Classes and consistently helping, we are finally certifying the students of the first batch. Booming Bulls Academy has proudly presented its students and their performance since they have been part of the Academy. They had been constantly kept disciplined towards the trading routine and were required to complete the given task every day. So that they would never run out of the practice and learn to manage things on their own. Elite Professional Trader

Booming Bulls Academy is certifying students from their first batch and declare them to be a ELITE Professional Trader.

  • With the beginning of the class, everyday was a disciplined routine for being a good trader.
  • With all that was taught, a separate task was given to complete every day after the trading was completed.
  • Once the classes are completed, a journal was assigned which needs to be maintained and share with their client manager.
  • Managers would manage their history and report what each student has been doing along with the trading.
  • In case if the student would request to clear the doubt, student were having a doubt clearing session. Along with the class so anyone else having the same doubt can be cleared by the trainer.
  • And even after that, student would get one on one session to clear their doubt or if they want to talk. About the issues, they are facing with trading. They can consult the issues with the trainer once a month.

On that day trainer will sit with the student and will go through the whole issue and would provide the resolution to the issues faced by the students of the Academy.  Their trading journal was maintained and based on their trading journal they were asked. And suggested to join the class or get a session or get a one on one session.

To get through the certification the students were being monitored regularly. Now that they have successfully completed their training and passed with flying colors they are being awarded and certified to become a professional trader. We wish the entire students very best of their luck and pray for their, success in the future. 

We proudly certify

These students and announce them as “Professional Traders from now on. They will use their wits, techniques, and intelligence to invest and trade like an expert and would help themselves to grow vastly and bring the joy to the people around them.

Booming Bulls Booming Bulls Booming Bulls Booming Bulls Academy Booming Bulls Academy Booming Bulls Academy Elite Professional Trader Elite Professional TraderElite Professional Trader

Elite Professional Trader

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Happy Learning!

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