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An Introduction to Stock Market | Know the basics of Stock Market #1

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An Introduction to Stock Market | Know the basics of Stock Market #1

An Introduction to Stock Market | Know the basics of Stock Market #1

Welcome to Booming Bulls Academy, before we start with anything let’s get the introduction to Stock Market by knowing what is Trading or Stock Market or Share Market.


The stock market is the aggregation of sellers and buyers of stocks or shares, which represent ownership claims on businesses — The stock market works through a network called exchanges (NSE, BSE, DOW JONES & NASDAQ, etc).

Introduction to Stock Market

Companies list their stock through a process (initial public offering or IPO) and investors purchase those shares. Which allows the company to raise money to grow its business. Investors then buy and sell these shares whereas exchange keeps the track of demand and supply of each listed stock. Buyers offer a “bid,” ie. the highest amount they’re willing to pay. Which is usually lesser than the amount, sellers “ask” for in exchange.

This difference is called the bid-ask spread. Computers often do the calculations, with the help of algorithms. To determine how much participants are willing to buy or sell.

Booming Bulls Academy

As trading has been made the most complicated and full of complexities by some institutions and people, BOOMING BULLS covers topics that can help you understand the trading and simplify it for you. And hence the tagline goes by 


Booming Bulls Academy

Once you register yourself for the course to begin learning to trade. We try to simplify the complete stock market and make you understand it step by step. Which makes it less risky and more effective for you.

Since it has always been a challenging field, often people refer to it as a “risk”. Let us tell you that a half-knowledge of anything is always “risky”. So, we are here to guide you and provide full knowledge of how to trade like a professional and stay miles away from the risk. To learn everything about the stock market and start booking big profits, Join our course

Let us know your views on the stock market in the comments.

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Happy Learning!

Booming Bulls Academy


  1. Many times I have question that is share market is risky ? This blog helped me to learn under the right guidance. Thank You

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